Antifoaming Agent “AMGD-95”

Distilled acetylated monoglyceride of fat acids (stearic acid), containing no less than 95% of the active ingridient.

Applied in the sugar industry during the production of sugar. Supplied ready to use. The content of the active ingredient is no less than 95%. The melting temperature not less than 60°C.

  • Directly into the vacuum apparatus of a first crystallization to illiminate foaming of the massecuite and reduce its viscosity, as well as to reduce viscosity and increase the flow of massecuite of the following crystallizations;
  • Рrior to centrifugation in order to facilitate centrifugation of massecuite with high viscosity and uneven crystals;
  • In the circuit of continuous crystallization of the massecuite, introduced prior to each intake of the massecuite in the dispenser, in final stirrer-crystallizer.

“AMGD-95” is inducted depending on the degree of foaming at the rate of 3-4 grams per 1 ton of the finished massecuite of a first crystallization, 5-7 grams per 1 ton of the massecuite of following crystallizations and 7-9 grams per 1 ton of the massecuite of the last crystallization.