“Steriliy AB”® – Deodorizing Agent

Overview: The purpose of this product is not to disguise the unpleasant odors with pleasant aromas, but to kill the anaerobic bacteria in the atmosphere that cause it.

As a deodorizer, produced according to TU U 24.5-34800558-001:2007.

It is used to refresh and sanitize the surrounding area, such as the air, all types of surfaces, fabrics and so on.

The agent has a prolonged disinfecting effect and is available in several modifications with and without different types of aromas.

Steriliy AB® is a registered trademark.

Does not stain or leave any marks and don’t require to be wiped or washed off.

Side effects: No evidence show negative side effects. Testing has shown this product prevents viral diseases (herpes, influenza including avian H5N1 and others), bacterial (tuberculosis, staphylococcus, hepatitis A, B and C, salmonella and legionellosis) and fungal (candidosis and dermatophytosis) etiologies.

Safety level: 4 (very safe)

A leaflet-liner with a detailed description is attached to each consumer package.

Guaranteed shelf life: 3 years from the manufacture date.

FDA Reg. # 13355437926

Conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise: download here (PDF/ZIP, 270KB)