Disinfecting Agent “NABAC — National Antibacterial Complex”®

Designed specifically for sugar and alcohol industries.

It is used for disinfection of intermediates, equipment, piping, process water.

Manufactured under TU U 24.2-34800558-003:2007.

Registered in the disinfectants State Registry of Ukraine.

“NABAC”® remains active for 3 years.

Disinfectant is effective against virtually all groups of microorganisms present in raw materials, process waters, intermediate alcohol, and sugar production.

Production form: fine-grained powder.

Safety Level: Under the parameters of acute toxicity according to GOST 12.1.007-76, product belongs to a III class moderately hazardous substances when injected into the stomach and to the IV class of low hazardous materials in contact with skin.

Attached Documentation:

  • Instructions;
  • Quality Certificate;
  • Safety Certificate MSDS;
  • State Registration Certificate.

Guaranteed shelf life: 3 years.