“Sofeksil”® – Antifoaming Agent

“Sofeksil”® was developed and is manufactured by ZAO “SOFEKS” (Russia) for the food industry, particularly for sugar and alcohol production. We offer several Agents’ modifications depending on specific conditions and branch of production.

The Agent and its various modifications may be used during production of sugar, alcohol, yeast, processing potatoes and other vegetables. It is used in cold and hot technological environments as well as in a high pH level environment.

For the past eight years “Sofeksil®-1520” was also used in the production of fruit jams, soy sauce, bottling juices, cosmetics (creams, shampoos etc.) and detergents.

“Sofeksil”® comes in a ready to use form, an average dosage is 0.005-0.05% of the total mass of the system. The base of this Agent is a non-toxic, chemically inactive silicone substance.