”SSS-R®” Seed Material

The technology of the production that was developed in our laboratories allows obtaining a unique product that has no analogs in the world.

The main distinction of the ”SSS-R®” Seed Material from similar products, produced by mechanical grinding, is a completely controlled shape, sizе, and quantity of the generated microcrystals.

This precise feature allows minimalizing tendency of the microcrystals of our Seed Material to knit during storage as well as to achieve absolute properties’ stability throughout its’ entire shelf life.

Usage of the “SSS-R®” Seed Material allows to significantly reduce elements of uncertainty that affect the result of a plants’ production as well as:

  • Control a final size of the sugars’ crystal;
  • Gain economic benefit from a deeper depletion of the syrup;
  • Significantly reduce the brewing time due to the lack of self-accrual of microcrystals of a Seed Material;
  • Increase the quality of centrifugation;
  • Reduce the water usage for a bleaching process.

Approximate Seed Material consumption: 1 gram per 10 tons of a brewed Massecuite.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say after implementing “SSS-R®” Seed Material:

“Gryazninsky Sugar Mill”. Russian Federation

  • Simple to use;
  • Easy to store;
  • Allows to obtain bigger and smoother crystal’s quantity;
  • Considerably reduces Massecuite brewing time while increasing the output of the finished product from a single machine.”

OAO “Atmis-Sugar”. Russian Federation

  • Instantaneous crystal winding, complete lack of “flock”;
  • Smooth and even crystal;
  • Homogeneous crystals quantity – 90%;
  • Massecuite brewing time reduction by 1 hour;
  • Reduction of water consumption for sugar bleaching .
  • Increase the output of a finished product;
  • Decrease the content of sugar in molasses;
  • Decrease a fuel consumption.”

OAO “Rokitnyansky Sugar Mill”. Russian Federation